UPDATE:  When calling Ticketmaster to purchase reserved tickets, please follow these procedures: Dial 1-800-745-3000  and then press “0” and speak to a live person.  You must speak to a Ticketmaster employee to order Reserved Tickets for the west side, which is the home side for NHS.


Admission to the FHSAA Football Finals shall be by ticket, credential, or approved passes. The FHSAA will print all event credentials.

A. Tickets: Advance tickets for the FHSAA Football Finals will be available for purchase through Ticketmaster or at the Amway Center Box Office. Reserved tickets will be $17.00 per ticket and general admission will be $12.00 per ticket. Day of game sales will be sold at the ticket booth located at Gate C. Sales will begin no later than 1 ½ hours prior to kick off of the first game each day and will remain open until the completion of the final game of the day. All non-credential-bearing spectators, except babies in arms, will be required to have a ticket.

B. FHSAA Passes: Individuals holding FHSAA State Series Passes or FHSAA Lifetime Passes shall be admitted for the general admission seating areas without charge upon presentation of the pass and proper identification (ex. driver’s license) and by signing the appropriate log. This pass admits the pass holder only. All guests must purchase an advance ticket through: Ticketmaster, at the Amway Center Box Office or at the Florida Citrus Bowl Gate C ticket window. Holders of a current FHSAA State Series Pass must be age 18 or older, and may only enter the stadium through the East Breezeway, located between Gate C and Gate D. No other passes shall be honored for complimentary admission except the FHSAA Lifetime Membership Passes.

C.  Will Call Tickets: Will Call Service will take place from the Will Call Window located near Gate C. This service will include:

  1. Pre-paid individual ticket pick-up
  2. Pre-paid group purchase

 Game Time: 7:07 Eastern Time


Niceville is designated as the home team and will sit in the west stands (press box side).

Seating will be encouraged in lower levels between the thirty-yard line markers, except for designated disabled and companion seating, as noted below. South End Zone seating is discouraged. Ushers will direct spectators to the proper areas.

No admission to the game will be permitted until the previous game spectators have cleared the stadium seats. The FHSAA contract requires clearing of the stadium at the conclusion of each game, each day. Stadium clearing will be done by ushers, on-field security volunteers, yellow shirt security, and OPD personnel.

At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, spectators will exit the stadium through the gates they entered (Refer to the previous section, Stadium Entry, regarding gate entrances). Gate A will ONLY be opened to the Centroplex staff. No one will be permitted to neither enter nor exit through this gate, unless wearing the proper credentials.

General Parking:

The commuter parking lots are located in the surrounding area of the Florida Citrus Bowl. The general parking lots for the FHSAA Football Finals are parking lots: A, B, D, F, L, P, R, S, and U. The fee to park will be $10.00.

No parking will be permitted on Thunder Field during the FHSAA Football Finals. Please obey all parking restrictions to avoid being ticketed or towed. Unless you hold a handicap-parking permit do not park in handicap spaces.


State Playoff Parking MapClick on map for larger version

Handicapped Parking:

There is a reserved parking lot for handicap parking permits, located in lot H. A current valid handicap-parking permit must be displayed to use these spaces. The fee to park will be $10.00.


For your safety and the safety of others, every person entering the Florida Citrus Bowl for the 2013

FHSAA Football Finals are subject to search by law enforcement officers or other security personnel.

Please leave all coolers, book bags, backpacks or items larger than a small purse in your car. These items will not be permitted in the stadium. Please see the list of other prohibited items. Section 7:C.

Gate entrances for ticketed spectators will vary based on the weekend, day, and time of the game.

Ticket Booth:

The ticket booth located at Gate C  and D will be open beginning at 11:37.


Police will be asked to assist in the prevention of spectators storming the field at the end of the game.

NOTE: Because of past rowdiness and storming of the field, the FHSAA has instructed the LOC that storming the field or other similar activities must be stopped. Accordingly, the LOC in conjunction with the Florida Citrus Bowl and event security, have determined that any unauthorized person entering the field without proper credentials will be SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE ARREST.

We find it unfortunate that this has become an issue. Spectators should be encouraged to celebrate their team’s victory in the stands, and not risk injury to players, coaches, and volunteers or damage to the field or goal posts with unruly behavior, including rushing the field.

In addition to these security measures, please note, in the game day schedule supplied with this manual, that a “two minute warning” has been included. The P.A. Announcer will make at least two or three announcements during the last five minutes of the game instructing fans to stay off the field. The stadium announcer will also make similar announcements prior to the completion of the game.

Directions to Citrus Bowl from the North

  • Take I-4 West (toward Orlando)
  • Take exit 83 on the left to merge onto South St.
  • Slight left stay on W. South St.
  • Turn left at S. Rio Grande Ave.
  • Turn right as Citrus Bowl Pl.


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