Niceville is leading the state of Florida…again!

NHS Robotics TeamA few weeks ago, Mr. Shuman, robotics instructor at NHS, was notified that the robotics program was selected as one of five finalist for the state of Florida in the $2 Million National STEM Competition. Thursday night, Mr. Shuman was notified that his team was the winner for the state of Florida!  They now move on to the National Competition.  Mr. Shuman and his robotics team are reaching for the stars. With their vision, there is no doubt that they will reach them!

The robotics team idea came from a conversation they had a few years ago about wishing that the robotics team had their own custom bus with power hookups and other geek things.  Their submission is for a proof of concept diesel electric hybrid school bus with solar panels on top.  They can harvest old cooking oil from local food establishments and make their own bio-diesel.  The follow on conversation went to what if the entire fleet were these hybrids with the solar panels on top.  During the day when the buses are parked outside, those panel are generating surplus electricity which could be plugged back into the grid “generating” revenue for the district.

Friday morning Channel 3 News interviewed Mr. Shuman and his robotics team to showcase their award.  The segment will appeared Friday night and can be viewed on the station’s Web site. (view segment)

Mr. Shuman, Robotics Team CoachOkaloosa County is so fortunate to have teachers like Mr. Shuman mentoring and leading our students.  His endless and tireless dedication to his students and profession is apparent in being selected as the winner of this competition for the state of Florida.

Congratulations Mr. Shuman and the NHS robotics team!  We look forward to cheering you on at the next level!

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