Niceville High School seniors David Bobbit, Erin England, Brian Fields, Meredith Glaze, Anna Herrera, Cody McWilliams, Milbrey Parke, Morgan Ringel and Alise Snyders have been chosen as National Merit Scholarship Finalists.  They are now eligible for the National Merit Scholarship awards which will be offered in the spring of 2014.  They will also compete for one of 2,500 National Merit $2500 Scholarships that will be awarded on a state representational basis.  Winners are selected without consideration of family financial circumstances, college choice, or major and career plans.  Congratulations to all nine finalists!

Standing L-R:  David Bobbitt, Erin England, Morgan Ringel, NHS Principal Rodney Nobles, Alise Snyders, Brian Fields and Cody McWilliams.  Seated L-R:  Anna Herrera, Meredith Glaze and Milbrey Parke.

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