With My College QuickStart, PSAT/NMSQT takers can access extensive information about majors and careers that fit their strengths and interests by taking a detailed personality test. Encourage your students to take advantage of this benefit today.

Students need their access codes to access My College QuickStart. They received their codes via email at the beginning of January.

Here is the link:  https://quickstart.collegeboard.org/posweb/login.jsp or simply Google My College Quick Start.

My College QuickStart connects students to these helpful resources:

•My Online Score Report — Score results, test question details, and projected SAT® scores.

•My SAT Study Plan™ — Personalized skills feedback and access to hundreds of practice questions to prepare for the SAT.

•My Personality — A detailed personality test that can help students discover majors and careers that fit their strengths and interests.

•My College Matches — A starter list of colleges based on the student’s home state and indicated choice of major.

•My Major and Career Matches — Extensive information about majors and careers, including what to expect in college and what courses to take now.

•My AP Potential — AP® potential for more than 20 different AP courses as well as recommendations for AP courses related to their intended college major.