The Niceville JCL fielded a team of 23 Latin students against the Northwest Regional 1 high schools on January 25.  Niceville placed 3rd overall.

The following are our winning students:

Sophia Bergmann 1st Greek Derivatives Adv (Best of Show)

1st Classical Art Adv (Best of Show), 1st 100 Dash

2nd Mile Run, 3rd Certamen Adv

2nd Miscellaneous Art

Monica Hsiang 1st Greek Literature Adv (Best of Show)

2nd Classical Art Adv

Alex Tolbert 1st Grammar I, 1st Greek Derivatives I

2nd Certamen I

Adam Van Belkum 1st Vocabulary I

4th Derivatives I

2nd Certamen I

Madison Brake 1st Drawings

3rd Classical Art Adv

4th Mottoes and Quotes Adv

Arthur Pruitt 1st Grammar II

2nd Certamen II, Tug-o-War

Larae Harris 1st Geography II, 2nd Certamen II
Maddie Hsiang 2nd History of the Empire Adv,

2nd Reading Comprehension, 5th Human Chariot Race

Erin Murphey 2nd Derivatives II, 4th Mottoes and Quotes II

2nd Certamen II

Matthew Nelson 2nd Derivatives ADV, 2nd Grammar Adv
Hudson Pearce 2nd Latin Lit Adv, 5th History of the Empire Adv

4th Atalanta’s Race, 5th Human Chariot Race

3rd Certamen Adv

Margaret Jacobs 3rd Geography Adv, 4th Heptathlon, Tug-o-War
Maddy Smith 3rd Hellenic History Adv
Grace Ratley 3rd Pentathlon, 2nd Certamen I
Matthew Bomparola 4th Derivatives I, 4th Greek Derivatives I, 2nd Certamen I
Liam Schmidt 4th Vocabulary Adv, 4th Derivatives Adv,

3rd Adv Certamen Adv, 5th Human Chariot Race

Dominika Borakiewicz 2nd Painting, 4th Maps 5th Geography Adv,

5th History of the Republic Adv,

Elisa Elsesser 5th Vocabulary Adv
Max Van Belkum 5th Human Chariot Race, Tug-o-War
Anna Marie Vaccaro 5th Atalanta’s Race, Tug-o-War
Georgan Williams 5th Modern Myth, Tug-o-War

Team Events

2nd Certamen Level I Grace Ratley

Alex Tolbert

Matthew Bomparola

Adam Van Belkum

2nd Certamen Level II Larae Harris

Arthur Pruitt

Erin Murphey

3rd Adv Certamen Hudson Pierce

Sophia Bergmann

Maddie Hsiang

5th Human Chariot Race Hudson Pearce

Liam Schmidt

Max Van Belkum

Matthew Bomparola

Maddie Hsiang

3rd Tug-o-War Max Van Belkum


Georgan Williams

Arthur Pruitt

Margaret Jacobs

Anna Maria Vaccaro

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