AP/AICE Testing Calendar

  • Unless otherwise noted, all AP and AICE tests will be administered in the Community Life Center (CLC) at the Niceville United Methodist Church.  The NUMC is located at 214 South Partin Drive.  See schedule for exact location of each exam.
  • Refer to schedule for exact times for each AP and AICE exam.
  • Students who have exam conflicts should note that the AP exam will take place as scheduled since the times are not flexible.  If a student has an AICE exam at the same time as an AP exam, then the student will take an extended break/lunch after the AP exam and remain under supervision.  After the break, the student will take the AICE exam. 
  • If you have exams back to back, you should pack a lunch and/or snacks so you don’t feel rushed as there will not be time for you to go out and order food.   
  • All students are responsible for having read the Notice to Candidates and/or AP Bulletin to Parents and Students given to you by your teacher.  The Notice to Candidates will be posted at each AICE exam.
  • Students should park in the upper grass parking areas near Partin Drive or behind the CLC in the large paved lot.  Do not park in the first four or five rows nearest the front entrance to the CLC as parents must be able to pick up their pre-school children.
  • All students enrolled in an AP or AICE course are required to sit for the exam(s).
  • ARRIVE ON TIME!  Once the test has begun, anyone arriving late may not be accommodated.
  • There are no make-up days for AICE exams.  Also, keep in mind that oversleeping is not a reason to take a late AP exam.
  • Sitting for the examination portions of an AICE course is a requirement by Cambridge in order to receive credit for the course. 
  • Any student who does not show up for an AP or AICE exam will receive a “0” for the semester exam grade in that course and may receive a discipline referral for skipping and/or willful disobedience.  In addition, the student cannot receive credit for the AICE course unless all portions of the exam have been completed.  Also, the full weighted AICE credit may be lost. 
  • Backpacks, totes, water, food, etc. will not be allowed inside the testing area.
  • No cell phones or electronic devices are to be brought inside the testing area.  These items must be turned off and given to a proctor BEFORE entering the testing area.  We will not be responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.

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