2016-2017 NHS Faculty

Name Dept. College/Degrees Held Email Address
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams
Elective University of Southern Mississippi  BME;
FSU Masters Instructional Systems
Kaitlyn Akos
Kaitlyn Akos
English FSU  BS  Secondary English Ed. AkosK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Joy Armbrester
Joy Armbrester
Math NWFSC  BS Middle Grades Math Ed. Joy.Armbrester@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Evan Bailey
Evan Bailey
Social Studies TROY U.  AS  Gen. Ed.; University of South
Alabama  BS  Social Science
Gerard (Jerry) Barry
Gerard Barry
Social Studies B.S. University of Maryland College Park; Secondary Education Social Studies BarryG@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Donna Barton
Donna Barton
Math UF  BS Math Education; UWF  Masters Math/Statistics Donna.Barton@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jacqueline (Christy) Blow
Jacqueline Blow
English BS Visual Communication; NOVA MS
English Education
Masters English Education
Class Web Site
Amanda Brady
Amanda Brady
Social Studies BA  History Secondary Ed. BradyA@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Melissa Bridges
Melissa Bridges
Science Thomas Edison State University  BA
Natural Science & Mathmatics
Todd Brigman
Todd Brigman
Social Studies Florida A & M University
BS Public Relations
Pauline Buis
Pauline Buis

Forensics Coach

TSU  M. Ed.  English, Biology, Gifted,  ESOL,
Ed. Leadership
Forensics Web Site
April Byerley
April Byerly
Support-IT Secretary April.Byerley@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Patrick Carnahan Elective LSU  Bachelor of Music Patrick.Carnahan@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Krissinda Chambers
Krissinda Chambers
English UWF  BA  English Education ChambersK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Becca Childress
Becca Childress
Math FSU  BA Math Education; UWF  M. Ed.
Educational Leadership;
National Board Certified
Kathryn Clark
Kathy Clark
Support-Athletics Secretary TCU/Texas Christian Univ.
BS  Family Consumer Science; M. Ed. Food & Nutrition
Angel Godoy Corchete
Angel Godoy Corchete
Elective University of ALCALA  Masters Spanish
as a Second Language
Elaine Crump Guidance Counselor Univ. of Alabama  BS & MA CrumpE@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
M. Randal Cruts
Randy Cruts
Math UF  BS Math Education CrutsR@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Stephanie Cyr
Stephanie Cyr
English Central Connecticut State University BA
Google Site
Emily Day
Emily Day
Elective UCF  BS  Human Communications Emily.Day@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Michael Denton Social Studies Univ. of North Florida  BA  Liberal Studies;
Univ. of West Florida
M. Ed. Educational Leadership
Peggy Dodson
Peggy Dodson
Elective Flagler College  BA  Elementary Ed./Deaf Ed. DodsonP@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
L. Brandon Donaldson
Brandon Donaldson
Social Studies Troy University  BS
Social Science Education
Michael Dye Elective Henderson State University BME;
MME Arkansas State University
NHS Chorus Facebook Page
Kristin Eaton
Kristin Eaton
Science UF BS Microbiology & Cell Science;
Clemson  MS  Biology
Gina Emery
Gina Emery
Science New Mexico State University
BS Medical Technology
Michael Emigh
Michael Emigh
Elective SNHU BS Project Management & Operations Michael.Emigh@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Kim Escoffier
Kim Escoffier
English UWF BA Language Arts/Social Studies
Faron Evans Custodial-maintenance EvansF@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Charles Keith Farmer
Charles Farmer
Elective Masters in International Relations
JROTC Web Site
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez
Elective UWF  M.Ed. Leadership
Education Comprehensive
Lainie Ferrell
Lainie Ferrell
Social Studies FSU AA  Business Ed.;
BS  Social Science Ed. 6-12
Diana Fisher
Diana Fisher
English University of North Carolina @Chapel Hill
BA Speech-Communication;
UWF  Masters Curiculum & Instruction
N. Tom Foster
Tom Foster
Support-Media Center University of South Florida, BA English Norman.Foster@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Carrie Foxhall
Carrie Foxhall
Elective NWFSC BS Business Project Management Carrie.Foxhall@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jill Frakes
Jill Frakes
Elective NWFSC AS Graphic Design/
Adobe Certified
Regina Gaskin
Regina Gaskin
Science Mississippi State BA GASKINR@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Kris Hagberg
Kris Hagberg
Elective Wincha State Univ. BA PE/Health;
Mankato State Univ. MA Health
Daniel Hensley
Daniel Hensley
Elective UT Martin/NWFSC
Business Degree
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez
Elective UF  BA  History; M. Ed. Secondary
Social Studies
John Hicks
Athletic Director, John Hicks
Athletic Director UWF B.S. Health, Leisure, and Sports;
M.S. Educational Leadership
Kimberly Hill
Kim Hill
Science UWF BA Education Math Science HillK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jerral Horton
Jerral Horton
Assistant Principal FSU BA Science and Math Education;
M.Ed. School Counseling
Donna Howell
Donna Howell
Support- Reading Classroom Assist HowellD@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Scott Huerkamp, CybersecurityScott Huerkamp Elective FSU Ed. S. HuerkampS@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Teresa Hunter
Teresa Hunter
English Georgia State Univ. BA English;
MA English Education
Phillip Hutcheson
Phillip Hutcheson
Dropout Preventation Troy State Univ. BS Health, Physical
Education and Recreation;
UWF MS  Ed. Leadership
Mitchell Inness
Mitchell Innis
Social Studies St. Leo College BA  Secondary Education
Richard Jackson
Ritchie Jackson
Elective NWFSC AA, BA
Elementary Education
Brooke James
Brooke James
Social Studies Univ. of Alabama
BA Secondary Education Comprehensive
Social Sciences
Audra Jenkins
Audra Jenkins
English Univ. of Southern Mississippi
BA English Secondary Education
Tonya Johnson
Tonya Johnson
Elective UWF  BA Elementary Education;
Grand Canyon Univ.  Masters  Curr and Instr:
Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from UWF
Jaime Johnson Support-Nurse MacArthur Technical College L.P.N. JohnsonJaime@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Maria Jordan
Maria Jordan
Math USAF Academy MA;
Troy University MA
Mitzi Kanizar
Mitzi Kanizar
Guidance Secretary Mitzi.Kanizar@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Karen Kesler
Karen Kessler
Guidance Counselor Bowie State Univ. M. Ed. KeslerK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Melissa Kibler Support- Chorus Classroom Assist Ricks College  AA & BA Melissa.Kibler@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Melody Kortbein
Melody Kortbein
Math University of Montevallo BS & MAT KORTBEINM@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
James LaFollette
Jamie Lafollette
Science Wabash College  BA  Biology;
North Carolina State University MS Genetics
Kathy LaRoe
Kathy Laroe
Science Carson Newman College BA  Chemistry LaRoeK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
G. Albert LaRoe II
Al Laroe
Science Carson Newman BA Physics and Math LaroeA@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Lois Laseter
Lois Laseter
Math UF BA Lois.Laseter@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
William Legarreta II
William Legarreta
Elective Sanford-Brown BFA  Multimedia Design/
IADT Orlando
Digital Media Web Site
Lucy Leibach
Lucy Leibach
Support-Discipline Secretary Lucy.Leibach@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Alison Longley
Alison Longley
Elective University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA Latin/Classical Civilizations;
MA Latin/Classical Greek
Christal Luck (Pruitt)
Christal Luck
Math Univ. of TN BS; Univ. of TN  MS Christal.Luck@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Annie Lyons
Anna Lyons
English Villanova University
BA  Philosophy;
George Mason University M.Ed.
Victor Mann III
Victor Mann
Social Studies Troy State Univ. BS  Criminal Justice;
UWF  MS  Ed. Leadership
Charlie Marello
Charlie Marello
Principal OWCC  AA  General Studies;
UWF BS Health Education;
UWF M.Ed. Educational Leadership
Carrmen Marshall-Claude
Carmen Marshall-Claude
Elective Valdosta State BS  Education;
National Board Certified
S. Kody Martin
Kody Martin
Elective Troy State University BS Social Science Samuel.Martin@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
David Mason
Dave Mason
Elective Drury University BA  Business Admin. MasonD@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jeremiah Mayville
Jeremiah Mayville
Science UWF  BS MayvilleJ@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Demeika McClendon
Resource Officer
Resource Officer  Demeika.mcclendon@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
M. Clint McCrory Elective Troy State Univ. BA & MA CC McCroryC@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Cheryl Medina
Cheryl Medina
Math Univ. of California, Riverside
BS Mathematics; Univ. of Phoenix MBA
Amy Meyer
Amy Meyer
Math UWF BS Psychology MeyerA@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Craig Miller
Craig Miller
Assistant Principal UWF BA Psychology;
MA  Curriculum & Instruction;
E.D.D. In progress: Adm. Studies
William (Bill) Miller
William Miller
Math Devry Institute of Tech AS  Electronics;
Central Missouri State Univ.
BS Computer Science & Math;
MS Management;
Univ. of Suthern Miss.
MS Teleprocessing Science;
UWF  Ed. S. Curriculum & Instruction;
UWF  Ed. D. Ed Leadership MGMT ABD
Patricia Mitchell café MitchellP2@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Pat Mixon
Pat Mixon
English UWF BA English Education;
MA  Education Technology
Google Site
Jenna Montgomery
Jenna Montgomery
Social Studies FSU BS Social Science Education;
MS Social Science Education;
Ed. S. Social Science Education
Jan Mullins
Jan Mullins
Science University of Arkansas M.S.W.
University of Florida
BS Journalism and Public Relations
Deborah Murphy
Debbie Murphy
Guidance Counselor East Carolina Univ.
BS Special Education;
Troy State Univ.
MS  Counseling & Psychology
Wes Nelson
Wes Nelson
Math UWF BS Math NelsonW@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Dominic Pannelli
Dominic Pannelli
Elective Dominic.Pannelli@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Kristina Pappas
Kristina Pappas
English University of North Carolina
Pembroke BA English;
MA English Education
Melinda Parker
Melinda Parker
English FSU BA English;
California State Univ.
MA English
Therese Piazza Guidance Secretary Therese.Piazza@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Linda Pink
Linda Pink
Science Auburn BS Science Education;
UWF & FSU MS Science Curr.
Donnie Pridgen Advanced Studies Coordinator Auburn BS Language Arts;
UWF M. Ed. Leadership
Gordon Rahmes, Jr.
Gordon Rahmes
Social Studies Lehigh Univ. BA;
St. Louis Univ. Juris Doctor
Justin Reichard
Justin Reichard
Social Studies UF  BA Sociology;
MA  Education
Sharon Richardson
Sharon Richardson
Guidance Counselor UWF BA Psychology, MA Psychology/Counseling,
Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction
Antionette Robinson
Antoinette Robinson
Science St. Leo Univ. BA  Psychology;
UWF  MA  Curiculum & Instruction
Adron Robinson
Adron Robinson
Support-STP Asst. FSU & Ashford Univ.
BA  Education
Cheryl Ross
Cheryl Ross
ESE Specialist USAF Academy
BA Social Sciences;
Univ. Central Michigan
MA Public Administration
Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell
Elective FSU BS; UWF  M. Ed. RussellJe@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Ching Ching Shen
Ching Ching Shen
Elective UCM MA; UWF M. Ed.; China MA SHENC@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
J. Ben Shuman
Ben Shuman
Elective Univ. Southern Mississipi BS ShumanB@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jennifer Sjostrom
Jennifer Sjostrom
English Kutztown Univ. BS  Secondary Education/
Google Site
Karen Stockbridge
Karen Stockbridge
Math Univ. Southern Mississippi
BS Math & M. Ed.
Cheryl Strickler
Cheryl Strickler
English Old Dominion University
BA English Minor Secondary Ed.
Mary Strock
Mary Strock
Math East Carolina University, NC State  BS StrockM@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Jerome Strutchen, Sr.
Jerome Strutchen
ESE Troy State Univ. MA Science Business Mgt. Strutchenj@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Kimberly Nihill Taylor
Kim Nihill-Taylor
Assistant Principal UWF  M.Ed. Leadership Nihill-TaylorK@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor
Elective UWF  BA 6-12 PE
Driver’s Education Endorsement
Marcia Thompson
State Assessments Coordinator, Marcia Thompson
State Assessments Coordinator Western Kentucky BS;
Univ. of TN MS Curr and Instr
Kathy Turner
Kathy Turner
Math University of Southern Mississippi
(BS Math, Minor in Music)
Cameron Venuti
Cameron Venuti
Elective UWF BA Special Education:
Emotional Handicaped;
M. Ed. Reading
Brian Wagner
Brian Wagner
Dean of Students UWF BS Business Education;
UWF M.Ed. Educational Leadership
Ann Wallace
Ann Wallace
Support-Attendance Secretary ann.wallace@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Lucretia Waskow
Lucretia Waskow
Science McMurry University BS  Biology;
Trident Univ. Masters Ed. Leadership
Geoffrey Watson
Geoffrey Watson
English UF BA Literature Geoffrey.Watson@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Shelley Weeks Math UNC at Greensboro – BS Intermediate Education;
McDaniel College – Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction;
Florida State University – Education Specialist
Degree in Educational Leadership/Administration
Thomas Whiddon
Tommy Jo Whiddon
Elective Jacksonville St. Univ. BS Geography;
MPA Athletic Admin
Kathryn Lynn Whiddon
Lynn Whiddon
Support-Bookkeeper WhiddonL@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Daniel Williams
Danny Williams
Social Studies WilliamsDA@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Amy Womble
Amy Womble
Elective UWF BSBA Management;
Grand Canyon Univ.  M. Ed. Curriculum & Technology
Martha Woodcock
Martha Woodcock, Secretary
Support-Principal’s Secretary OWCC AA General Studies, AS Electronic
Engineering Tech.,
AS Computer Engineering Tech.;
NWFSC  BASc  Project Management/Contracting;
AAS Industrial Management Tech., Certificate
Education Preparatory Institute
Dan Wooten
Dan Wooten
Elective LSU BME Instrumental Music WootenD@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us
Nathan Young Social Studies Florida State University
BS Social Studies Education