Thursday evening , October 2, the NHS Guidance Counselors will be hosting a College Career Readiness program.  This program will be beneficial for new seniors to Niceville High School, and any senior who did not attend the Junior Career and College Preparation meeting last November.  The purpose of the meeting is to introduce these seniors and parents to post-secondary education options in the State of Florida.

Choices for students after high school graduation are directly linked to high school transcripts  across all four years of high school. The overall goal is to provide a broad scope of information and knowledge that will help students and parents to better understand the many points to weigh for successful post-secondary career and college planning.

Topics covered will be the State University System (SUS) admissions requirements, Career/Job Outlooks, Financial Aid, and much more.  The program begins at 6:00 p.m. and will be held in the NHS Media Center.  Parents are encouraged to attend.

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