Choice Institutes

NHS CHOICE IT InstituteCHOICE is a unique program for high school students. It lets you earn high school credit, college credit and nationally-recognized industry certification – all at the same time.  Niceville High School offers two CHOICE programs:  Culinary Arts Institute and the Information Technology Institute.

Culinary Arts Institute


Information Technology Institute

Chantai Ferguson, IT Teacher Carrie Foxhall Jill Frakes
Mrs. Ferguson
Mrs. Ferguson’s Web Site
Web 2-User Interface Design
Web 3-Web Scripting Fundamentals
Web 4-Media Integration
Web 5-E-Commerce and Marketing
Mrs. Foxhall
Mrs. Foxhall’s Web Site
iLearn: Gateway to Your Future
Digital Information Technology
Foundations of Web Design
Ms. Frakes
Ms. Frakes’ Web Site
Digital Design 1-4


Mr. Espeseth
Mr. Espeseth’s Web Site
.NET App & Dev Programming
Scott Huerkamp, CybersecurityMr. Huerkamp
Web 2-User Interface Design
William LegarretaMr. Legarreta
Mr. Legarreta’s Web Site
Digital Video Prod 1, 2, 3
Television Production
Ben ShumanMr. Shuman