The entire registration process takes less than 10 minutes.  To register, follow the six easy steps listed in the article below.

If you apply now and have all the requirements completed prior to the end of this semester, you will receive your award notice in the spring.  If you apply now but have not completed all the requirements by the end of this semester, you will be re-evaluated at the end of the school year and receive your award letter in mid-summer.  Don’t miss out on being evaluated for this scholarship by failing to apply.  MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IMMEDITELY.  NOTE: If you have not turned in your community service hours by the end of the semester, you will not qualify for the maximum scholarship you are eligible for the spring evaluation.


Florida Bright Futures Registration Web Address:

  1. Go to “State Grants, Scholarships, and Applications” link..
  2. Under Applicant Quick Links, click on “Student Application”.
  3. Click on “Proceed to Application” link.
  4. Complete Application..
  5. Submit and Print Application for your records.
  6. Print Confirmation page for your records.